Fountain of Youth

Quality Goods & Storytelling from Modern Makers & Freethinkers

The Brand
We make quality lifestyle goods inspired by the unique culture, individuals and stories around us. Our style combines our love of classic, timeless designs and DIY, handcrafted items. Our goal is to create high caliber products that blend everyday grit with sophistication.

The Blog
We feature the stories of modern makers – they're the companies and individuals that are taking great risks to follow their passion, create their own path and achieve their dreams. Our goal is to bring awareness and community to makers around the world and to inspire creatives everywhere to make an impact with their craft.

Fountain of Youth is curated and crafted by Ben Kocinski & Andrew Chen in Kansas City, MO.
Copy edited by Amy Willsey.

Moodboard Disclaimer: Our moodboard page consists of illustrated works and products we have made, images that represent our brand and products others have made that we admire and are inspired by. Not all of these are our own. If you see something of yours that you do not want included, please let us know by emailing